Diet + Nutrition


Heather Kelleher

Registered Dietician, Nutritionist

Custom Dietetics

Heather believes that health and wellness are achievable for all, through nutrition and proper nourishment.  This is not only important for those who have weight concerns, diabetes or GI distress, but also for individuals who have sleep disturbances, certain mental illnesses and depleted energy levels.   Don't forget those who just need a nutrition "check-up"! She suggests meeting with a Dietitian just to be sure you are on the right track with your food choices as well.

"My goal as a Dietitian is for us to work together to give you the skills and confidence you need through small, attainable dietary and lifestyle changes to properly nourish your body so you can live your life to the fullest."



Kristen Toscano

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Kristen Toscano Health + Wellness


After 15 years in the physical therapy clinic and a personal medical crisis, Kristen Toscano, PT, CIHC realized that there was more she could be doing for her friends and patients. She would spend hours each week with her patients and they would talk about the other stressors in their lives and how these impacted the pain that brought them through her clinic door as much as they did about the injury themselves. In 2015, Kristen returned to school to become a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is now working to expand her knowledge of functional medicine as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. She is passionate about helping her clients put the pieces together one at a time so that they can find sustainable strategies to live their most fulfilling lives with energy and confidence. 



Jessica Altman

Certified Plant-Based Chef

Garden Fresh Foodie

Jessica is the author, creator, and photographer of Garden Fresh Foodie. She is a certified plant-based chef, and has a certification in plant-based nutrition. She is a passionate educator, and has taught science, community gardening, and food education for the last 17 years. Jessica now combines her passion for cooking & gardening with her passion for teaching healthy cooking classes in Buffalo, NY. All of the recipes on her blog are plant-based, using no animal products like eggs, meat, or dairy. All of the recipes on her site are gluten free with ways to change them into traditional flours if desired.

"What began as a blog to help patients at our office, Altman Dental, has grown into something I feel can help others outside of our community too.  I began this blog to help our patients suffering from diabetes, periodontal & heart disease, and those with food allergies."