About HER Sanctuary...

The sanctuary space is a place for Strong Women to work together under one roof. We hope to provide a sanctuary space for like-minded women, women in business, and female entrepreneurs to share a focused collaborative workspace for weekly events, workshops, product launch’s, brainstorm sessions, or just daily dose of inspiration; a co-working place dedicated to allowing women the platform to share their gifts, talents, resources, and ideas with the community around them. The sanctuary is available for pop-up shops, workshops, events, classes, product launches, women's circles, or any other vision that you hope to see come to life. 

The retail space attached, Her Story, curates products across all categories that have a story –  stories that we hope will empower women and help them feel good about who they are. We share the stories of the women-owned businesses, women designers + women artisans whose products we feature in the store. We also carry products that help cultivate the actualization of your body +  your home as a sacred space, a healing space that allows you to nourish your relationship with yourself; a space filled with the things you love + bring you joy.

We hope to be a resource for women where they can educate and empower themselves on their journey to wellness. Find your sanctuary while nourishing your soul, your spirit, your body.

Our mission is to provide a space in which beauty, experience, and wellness are supported by products that guide one’s journey to well being, celebrate women and their stories, while inspiring and empowering others to live a happy, healthy, and grateful life; a space where women can gather and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Her Sanctuary + Her Story is a doorway into shared collective creativity - integrating the elements of healing, sanctuary, education, and beauty, and how they can all balance one another to create the experience of mindful shopping + collaboration. We support and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of women, while providing a platform for them to recognize their inner strength and purpose, while staying true to who they are.