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Emotional Eating + Loving Yourself at Any Weight

  • Her Sanctuary 1438 Hertel Avenue Buffalo, NY, 14216 United States (map)

Do you consistently feel like you struggle with emotional eating? Maybe you find yourself using food during times of distress for comfort. Maybe you live for the rush of endorphins that comes with eating a bag of potato chips or chocolate chips. Or maybe you don't really know what the problem is but you're struggling with food and aren't sure why. Here's the good news. It's not your fault. The food industry, the definition of beauty in our society, AND the obsession around losing weight are all a part of our external reality. And you're not alone. So many of us struggle with the back and forth. The yo-yo dieting. The newest solution we've discovered. Let's take the time to navigate it together.

"I will share with you my own personal struggle with emotional eating and which tools I've utilized to find peace with myself and my food. You'll leave the workshop with a clear awareness around your unique struggle with food and why it exists. You'll also have a plan of action to find peace within yourself and with your food choices. You'll connect with your higher self and your intuition on what's right for yourself."

This class is for you even if you don't feel like you have an issue with food or weight because we're going to dive into the self love that we have for ourselves and how we can STOP the comparison and judgment of ourselves and others. We'll find the parallels between our unique stories and experiences with food and lift each other up to end the struggle.

hosted by: Lindsay Amico of Picture Perfect Mind

Lindsay Amico

Lindsay Amico is a life and wellness coach in Buffalo NY in addition to her full times job as a youth coordinator at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. She works specifically with women to identify their fear based beliefs and transform them into love. Her mission is to help people overcome their obstacles, struggles, and doubts to reach their true higher purpose in life. She recently received her coaching certification at the Health Coach Institute and has completed the Spirit Junkies Level 2 training with her mentor Gabrielle Bernstein. Her main focuses are thought work, meditation and self-love practices to transform her clients.