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Homeopathy + Astrology

Homeopathy and Astrology are two systems of understanding life and working with our well being. They are both used extensively globally to help people navigate their lives when most vulnerable. They help one convert suffering to peace and power.

We will be exploring how you can use these two systems together to accelerate healing a growth. Laurie Twilight is an internationally renowned Astrologer who has been working with people since the 1970s. Annie Herman has been loving Homeopathy for as long and practicing for decades with people. Together they have helped countless people and will be together for this rare opportunity to see how the cosmos and the inner biosphere are connected.

hosted by: Annie Herman, Homeopath

Annie Herman

Ann Herman has been a Homeopath for over 25 years and a whole food fan for even longer. She is one of the founders of Heart of Healing Homeopathic Associates in San Diego, CA. and Buffalo, NY. She has been helping people with this gentle yet effective healing method for everything from teething children to flu’s and phobias.

As well as Homeopathic Remedies, Ann has been an advocate of whole foods, fruits and veg, as the foundation of health. For anyone who wants to stay healthy, restore their health and vitality or manage a chronic issue, whole food is the first place to make a difference. If you would like to find out more about this simple solution to nutrition you can visit my web page at

Ann offers lifestyle counseling and simple ways to shift gears and experience life with more satisfaction. Being part of the Healthy Revolution is an honor and a privilege and makes a big difference in the lives of people young and old.

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