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An Intro to Tarot: 8-Week Intensive

  • Her Sanctuary 1438 Hertel Avenue Buffalo, NY, 14216 United States (map)

An 8-Week In-Depth Journey into How to Read the Tarot to Create the Life You Want  

Discover one of the world’s most widely used mystical objects and how to demystify Tarot into a tool for self-discovery.

This will be a guided experience giving you the tools and knowledge to confidentially read the cards without having to refer to a guidebook book ever again. This course will also focus on strengthening your intuitive abilities and allowing that to guide you in readings, as well as in life.

This is an invitation for those who know they have a bigger purpose in life, but they don’t know what it is. You sense that there is something waiting for you, a feeling that is unexplainable. Whether you feel you are ready to take the journey or not, this is the first step in unlocking that beautiful mystery.


Have you always been curious about the Tarot, but you just never knew where to start?

Do you own a deck that you pull out every now and then, excited to see what the cards may reveal, but end up frustrated or overwhelmed and put them back away for another day?

Have you spent time memorizing the cards, but the meanings just don't stick when you're reading?

Do you feel like the cards are trying to talk to you but you don’t understand what they’re saying?


During this course you will - 

  • Discover the history behind the Tarot

  • Develop a relationship and connection to your deck

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the meanings behind all 78 cards

  • Learn meditation and visualization techniques to awaken your intuitive abilities

  • Understand the hero’s journey through The Major Arcana

  • A numerological breakdown of the 4 suits within The Minor Arcana

  • Learn how to intuitively interpret the cards no matter what deck you may be using

  • Receive a personal workbook which will aid you in having a deeper understanding of the cards and journaling your experience.

hosted by: Laurel Flynn, Intuitive Healer + Tarot Reader

Laurel Flynn

Laurel is a gifted Intuitive HealerTarot Reader and Multidimensional Artist. She helps creatives and healers to discover their soul’s purpose and life’s work for greater joyprosperity and fulfillment.

After awakening to the ancient insight of the Tarot and the power of intuition, she supports clients in profound clarity and alignment through the timeless teachings and wisdom of these tools.

She is a graduate of Delphi University’s In-Depth Channeling program, one of the world’s leading healing schools dedicated to Spiritual Training and Mediumship, and has studied under notable Tarot readers, Lindsay Mack ofWild Soul Healing, and Bakara Wintner, author of WTF is Tarot? 


Photography by Shaw Photo Co.