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Reveal Your Brilliance -- How to Cross the Spiritual Bridge from Pain + Illness to Health, Happiness + Inner Peace

  • Her Sanctuary 1438 Hertel Avenue Buffalo, NY, 14216 United States (map)

You're feeling trapped by negative circumstances.  

You're experiencing problems with your health...

Maybe you're struggling with anxiety, pain, or insomnia?  Your digestion has been feeling "off" for a while now and you just can't ignore it any longer. 

Maybe it's the underlying stress and tension in your relationships that's at fault?

Either way,  you're finally admitting to yourself that you're feeling stifled by life and you don't know what to do to break free.

Something has got to change!

You want to improve your health...

You'd give anything to have more energy, to feel balanced, and have a deeper sense of clarity and purpose.

You're tired of feeling this way, of holding onto old hurts, resentments, and family issues.   You're ready to feel alive again from your head down to your toes. 

It's time to wake up and shake up—and feel good in your body and your life again.

It's time to revive and reveal your brilliance!

You're ready for physical, mental, emotional well-being and it's time to feel safe to follow your heart...

To feel supported by life...

  • To Awaken A New Reality
  • To Align With Amazing Possibilities
  • To Activate Your Brilliant Inner Resources

During this evening discussion you'll learn and experience the tools that Martha used to reverse 10 years of daily chronic pain, get herself out of a wheelchair, and completely transform the direction of her life!

From her book "God Is A Pink Cloud" you'll learn:

  • How to cross the spiritual bridge from pain and illness to health, happiness, and inner peace
  • How activate frequencies to transform patterns of limitation and fear
  • The Love Meditation that Martha used to reverse 10 years of daily chronic pain.  
  • To immerse yourself in unconditional love to transform your relationships
  • How to access more healing energy from within

Leave feeling elevated + empowered.

hosted by: Martha Blessing

cost: $30 Pre-registration required - (includes personally signed copy of Martha's book "God Is A Pink Cloud")

Martha Blessing

Martha Blessing is an author, medium, empath, and channel for healing guides known as Gracon.  Through her readings, workshops, and mentoring programs clients receive healing, clarity, and spiritual insights that shifts them out of feeling frustrated, lost, overwhelmed and confused. 


She is the founder of the Soul Light Healing Academy, a community-based healing, education, and spiritual center. 

She speaks and lectures in the fields of Ayurveda, Energy Medicine, Metaphysics, and Advanced Spiritual Development and Self-Realization.

Martha devoted 25 years to mainstream medicine as a Registered Nurse in the specialties of Community Health, Hospice Care, and as director of an Alzheimer’s Unit.

After healing herself from cancer and over 10 years of chronic pain, three back surgeries, and living in a wheelchair, Martha returned to her ancestral roots as a third generation spiritual channel and healer. As a result, Martha immersed herself in holistic studies and began to channel insights and information about healing chronic illness and pain from the guides know as Gracon.

Through her step-by-step personalized mentoring process clients dissolve the blocks that are causing their ailments and discomforts and are compassionately guided and supported to heal and integrate all aspects of their body, soul, and being. With relief in sight they no longer feel alone and misunderstood but are empowered with direction and focus to shift their energy and deepen their soul connection. They feel lighter and experience joy, health, peace, and balance, as they advance their spiritual development and enjoy life again.