Women + Wisdom

a mastermind GROup for female entrepreneurs

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“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."

We are a dedicated, committed + mindful group of women who are passionate about growing - not only as an entrepreneur, but as a person - and building our relationships with ourselves, our businesses + community.

Through our combined mind power + network we will help each other to live in our purpose and reach our highest goals on our entrepreneurial journey.


You’ve done the hard work. You’ve started your business. You’ve gotten it off the ground and on your journey. But you are ready to take the next steps. You are ready to level up. This is for female business owners, freelancers, leaders, who are ready to take their business to that next level.

Women + Wisdom is a highly curated circle of women (12 women) coming together for support, feedback + collaboration. We will be a small, hand-picked group so the chemistry of the group is absolutely crucial to its success. 


  • You are the owner of your business.

  • You operate your business full-time.

  • You are ready to put in the work needed to grow + invest in your business.

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What WILL YOU GET FROM a mastermind?

Accountability - A circle of women to hold you accountable for the goals you set for your business.

Community - A place to bring your new ideas, thoughts, concerns, problems, experiences, and to be able to share them in confidence with other women who may be experiencing similar things.

Connection - A opportunity to build relationships with other amazing strong women.


(10 monthly payments of $34)

Sept. 17 - Oct. 22 - Nov. 12 - Jan. 28 - Feb. 25 - Mar. 24 - Apr. 28 - May 26 - June 30 - July 28


  • 10 Monthly Meetings - includes coffee / tea + healthy snacks

  • Complimentary use of the Co-Working Space daily

  • $45/month of credit towards sanctuary space rental

  • Invitation for you + one guest to our Women + Wisdom mixers/events

  • Being a part of a close knit group of women who are all working towards their dreams!